Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Million Dollar Mirror Broken

CHINA -- A 2,500-year-old mirror worth £500,000 was dropped and smashed on a Chinese TV show.

A model was showing the ancient mirror to the audience when it slipped from her hands and fell to the floor. It shattered into pieces, shocking the audience - especially owner Chen Fengjiu who was sitting in the front row.

It was gold plated, embedded with 11 turquoise stones and the whole body was coated with intricate carvings.

The host of the show immediately canceled the rest of the program after the accident and the producer said he would seek expert help to repair the mirror.

According to Chinese folklore, breaking a mirror of such quality can bring so much bad luck as to even cause a model to look ugly in a photo taken before it is broken.
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How stupid. Funny but stupid,