Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Starbucks Record Label Brewing

Coffee retailer Starbuck is hoping it can get its buyers as addicted to its music as it can its java.

The Seattle-based coffee chain is looking to launch Hear Music Records in conjunction with Concord Music, according to The New York Post. The label looks to follow the success of coffee-shop distribution that's placed albums by everyone from The Decemberists to Ray Charles in Starbucks' chains across North America and made the chain a favorite music-shopping spot for programmers of the local NPR affiliate.

Although Starbucks hasn't revealed plans to unveil the label yet, the Post claims it's gunning to release Paul McCartney's next solo album as the debut for the grande-sized label.

In speaking with BigBigNews, Mr. McCartney was tight-lipped about the pending deal. But we did manage to acquire a partial track list from his upcoming album.

Let It Bean
Love Me Brew
Strawberry Frappé Forever
Day Sipper
Get Black

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